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Size of investments
In the range of € 5 to 10 M per investment

Duration of investments
From 4 to 7 years on the basis of the business plan

Investment strategy
  • Minority shareholding, preferably
  • majority shareholding, on a residual basis
  • positively assessed co-investments with institutional players and / or segment managers

Type of investments
  • Expansion capital
  • Replacement capital
  • Buy out/in (involvement of internal and / or external managers)

  • Not used in general
  • In case of need, investments may be carried out with partial use of leverage, based on a conservative approach

Exit strategy
  • The procedure shall be defined on a case-by-case basis considering the following aspects:
    • business plan evolution;
    • medium-term purposes of entrepreneur / management / shareholders.

  • Proactive approach in the day by day management, delegated to entrepreneur / management
  • Sharing strategic guidelines and extraordinary transactions with entrepreneur / management
  • Drawing up of reports to monitor the economic activity and the financial situation of the company

Incentive mechanism
  • Incentives may be envisaged in favour of the entrepreneur / management taking the following into consideration:
    • objectives of the business plan;
    • results obtained during the investment period and / or at the time of exit