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Target companies have the following features:

Small medium-sized companies with sales ranging from € 10 M to € 100 M.

Geographic focus
Italy, preferably North-East and neighbouring Regions.

Investment sectors
General investment approach, focusing on companies operating in both industrial and services sectors.

NEIP III does not invest in start-ups, turnarounds, real estate and financial sector as well as in unethical businesses.

The principal investment criteria will be:

  • trustworthy and reputable entrepreneur/owner and management, with strong growth potential on a national and international basis;
  • well identified competitive advantage, thanks to key assets like brand awareness, innovation capacity, technological excellence, improving competitive positioning or increasing entry barriers;
  • sound growth prospects;
  • focus on sector consolidation processes achieved through either partnerships in the same industry or vertical/horizontal integration projects;
  • possibility of introducing high corporate governance standards.