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Private Equity activity is carried out by the following companies:

  • NEIP II. Established in 2007, the company deals with infrastructures and their related services. The company has made 3 investments. The portfolio has been fully divested. Its shareholding structure comprises important Italian institutional investors.

  • NEIP III SICAF. Launched in 2011, this investment company assists SMEs operating in the industrial and services sectors. NEIP III has reached a capitalisation of € 75 M, has acquired 9 participations, 4 of which has been divested. The company as from January 26 2018, has been registered as SICAF (that is a collective investment undertaking) in the register held by Banca d’Italia.


  • In 2008 Finint & Partners completed the first private equity initiative called NEIP. This investment company was set up in 2001, with a capitalization of € 36M, focused on SMEs actively operating in the North-eastern regions of Italy. The company made 5 investments improving the turnover of portfolio companies, with a yearly CAGR of 26%. NEIP overperformed the market benchmark.