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Finint & Partners is an Italian Private Equity operator that provides support to entrepreneurs as a strategic partner for growth.

Finint & Partners acts as advisor to several investment vehicles that invest in Italian companies, preferably not listed on the Stock Exchange and operating in several sectors, with the aim of supporting their industrial development projects on the national and international competitive scenario.

Finint & Partners belongs to Banca Finanziaria Internazionale Group, founded in 2014 to group all the companies operating in the investment banking and asset management areas of the Finint Group, one of the major Italian companies operating in the financial sector, established in 1980 by Mr Enrico Marchi and other partners.

On the basis of its proven expertise and significant track record of investment activity, in 2001 Finanziaria Internazionale Group established Finint & Partners, a company dedicated to the arrangement of private equity investments.

Detailed information about the Group can be found at

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